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Caterpillar Anatomy
Label the Caterpillar Diagram
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Read the definitions, then label the caterpillar diagram below.
Abdomen - the tail area of an caterpillar that contains the heart, Malpighian tubules, reproductive organs, and most of the digestive system
Abdominal Prolegs - stumpy legs located on the abdomen
Anal Prolegs - stumpy legs located at the end of the abdomen
Head - the part of the caterpillar that contains the brain, eyes, mouthparts, etc.
Mandibles - the jaws, located on the head
Setae - hairs along the caterpillar's body that sense touch
Simple Eyes - organs on the head that can detect light and dark
Spiracles - tiny holes along the caterpillar's body that it uses to breathe
Thoracic Legs - six jointed legs on the caterpillar's thorax
Thorax - the body section between the head and the abdomen. The legs and wings attach to the thorax

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