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Family Ursidae
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Bears are furry, omnivorous mammals that are found in many different environments, including forests, swamps, mountains, and grasslands. Bears are found in North America, Asia, Europe, and a few in South America. Some bears include the Grizzly (a type of brown bear), Black Bear, Panda, Sun Bear, etc.

Anatomy: Bears vary in size from 3.5 to 10 feet (1.1 to 3 m) long and weigh from 55 to 1,700 pounds (25 to 770 kg). The largest bear is the Polar Bear. Bear fur ranges in color from black to brown to blond to white. All bears are plantigrade (flat-footed).

Behavior: Bears are solitary animals; only a mother and cub live together for an extended time. Many bears are fast runners, excellent swimmers, and good climbers. In general, bears have a good sense of smell but poor eyesight. Many bears from in cold climates hibernate (or go into a dormant state) over winter in caves or dens.

Diet: Although bears belong to the order Carnivora, they are omnivores who eat plants, leaves, fruits, berries, nuts, roots, honey, insects, and small mammals.

Classification: Class Mammalia, Order Carnivora, Family Ursidae (7 species of bears).

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