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Doberman Pinscher
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The Doberman Pinscher is a hard-working, alert, intelligent dog that was originally bred in Germany in the 1890's by Louis Dobermann (who was a tax collector and dog breeder). The loyal Dobe is an excellent pet, watchdog, police dog, guardian, protector, and guide dog for the blind.

Ancestry: Like all dogs, the Doberman is a descendant of the wolf. It was bred from the pinscher (terrier), Rottweiler, Thuringian Shepherd, Greyhound, Great Dane, and the German Shorthaired Pointer.

Anatomy: The Doberman Pinscher Dog has a short coat of black, rust-colored, brown, and black-blue fur. The Dobe has a wedge-shaped head, long legs, and a sleek, muscular body. The Doberman is about 24-28 inches (60-72 cm) tall at the shoulders and weighs from 60 to 88 pounds (27-40 kg).

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