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Jack Russell Terrier
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The Jack Russell terrier is a bold, alert, robust, fearless, lively dog. This working dog was originally bred in Devon, England, in the 1800's to hunt foxes, driving them from their burrows. This terrier was named for its breeder, the Parson John Russell (1795-1883).

A Jack Russell terrier called Bothie was the first dog to travel to both the North and South Poles (accompanied by the explorer Ranulf Fiennes). This record will not be broken because dogs are no longer allowed on the continent of Antarctica.

Anatomy: The Jack Russell Terrier is about 14 inches (35 cm) high at shoulders, and weighs 16-18 pounds (7-8 kg). The coat is mostly white, with brown or black patches (mostly on the head and at the base of the tail).

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