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ZoomSchool's Giant Pandas Print-out for Grades 2-3
Find it! in ZoomSchool's Pandas

Use the page on pandas to answer the following questions.

1. What country do giant pandas come from?_______________________

2. What is the giant panda's favorite food? _______________________

3. Are giant pandas in danger of becoming extinct?_______________

4. About how many pandas are there around the world?_________________

5. The giant panda's front paws has fingers plus a movable wrist bone. This wrist bone acts like an opposable ____________________ .

6. Does the giant panda have eyes with round or slit-like pupils?_______________________

7. Does the giant panda hibernate during the winter?_________________

8. When giant pandas eat, do they usually stand up, sit, or lie down? _______________________

9. The Chinese people call the panda "Da xiong mao." What does this mean in English?_______________________

10. Do giant pandas belong to the family of bears or raccoons?_______________________

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Level: Grade 2-3 Subject: Pandas, science, reading, writing, introduction to internet research

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