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Read the definitions then label the diagram below.

anther - the anther is the tip of a flower's stamen ( the male reproductive organs of the plant) - it contains the pollen.

filament - the filament is the part of the flower that holds the anther (and part of the stamen, the male reproductive organs of the plant).

ovary - the ovary is a female reproductive organ in plants that produces ovules. It is at the base of the pistil.

petal - a petal is one of the leafy structures that comprise a flower. Petals are often brightly-colored and have many different shapes.

sepal - the sepals are small leaves located directly under a flower - they are the outermost part of a flower.

stem (also called the peduncle) - the stem supports the plant.

stigma - the stigma is uppermost part of the pistil, the female reproductive tissue of a flower. The stigma receives the male pollen grains during fertilization, when they travel through the style to the ovary.

style - the style is part of the pistil, the female reproductive tissue of a flower. The style is a long tube on top of the ovary, and below the stigma.

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