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Zoom Rainforest - Print-out
Find it! in Zoom Rainforest

Use the section on animals in Zoom Rainforest to answer the following rainforest animal questions.

1. In the rainforest, are there more large animals or more small animals?
2. Are there more meat-eaters or more plant-eaters?  
3. Name two methods that rainforest animals use to protect themselves against predators.  
4. What is it called when one type of animal looks very much like a poisonous animal?  
5. What does arboreal mean?  
6. Name a large arboreal animal.  
7. Are poisonous animals frequently brightly-colored?  
8. In which rain forest layer do most of the large animals live?  
9. In which rain forest layers do most birds live?  
10. Is the number of species of animals in rain forests increasing or decreasing?  

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Level: Grade 3-4 Subject: reading, writing, introduction to rainforest research on the internet

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