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Zoom Rainforests
Classroom Activities for Zoom Rainforests
Find it! in Zoom Rainforests

These print-out quizzes introduce young students to research on the Internet using Zoom Rainforests. Students use Zoom Rainforests to look up the answers to a set of questions.

Objectives of these Activities:
Upon completion of these activities, students will:
Activity Instructions:
  1. Give each student a print-out. Instructions for printing are below.
  2. Have each student go to Zoom Rainforests
  3. The student will use Zoom Rainforests to answer the questions in the print-out. For example, if the question is about "strata," the student should go to the section on strata (by clicking on strata at the left margin) and read the entry.
Grade 3 and 4
  1. General rain forest questions
  2. Strata questions
  3. Geography questions
  4. Rain forest animal questions

How to print an activity:
  1. Go to the page you want to print.
  2. Choose "Print" or "Print Frame" from the File menu above.

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Level: Grades 3-4 Subject: reading, writing, introduction to research on the internet
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