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Zoom Rainforest - Print-out
Find it! in Zoom Rainforest

Use Zoom Rainforest to answer the following rainforest questions.

1. Are rain forests generally dense with living organisms?
2. Scientists divide the rain forest into zones based on the living environment. What is the technical name for these zones?  S  __  __  __  __  __
3. Are tropical rain forests located near the Earth's equator or near the poles?  
4. Do rain forests ever get extremely hot?  
5. Do rain forests ever get extremely cold?  
6. Is the soil of a tropical rain forest very thin and poor in nutrients?  
7. Approximately what percentage of the Earth do the rain forests now cover?  
8. Many indigenous groups of people live in rain forests. Are these people primarily hunter-gatherers or farmers?  
9. How much rain does a rain forest get on average each year: about 80 inches or about 8,000 inches?  
10. What type of animal is most numerous in tropical rainforests?  

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Level: Grade 3-4 Subject: reading, writing, introduction to rainforest research on the internet

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