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Baleen Whale Anatomy: Label Me!
Whale Information
Read the definitions, then label the baleen whale (a blue whale) diagram below.

baleen plates - comb-like, flexible material that hangs from the upper jaw of baleen whales and filters food from the water.

blowhole - each of the two holes on the top of the baleen whale's head through which the whale breathes air (they are the whale's nostrils).

dorsal fin - the fin on the upper side of the body.

eye - sight organs located on the head.

fluke - one half of the tail.

flippers - the pair of wide, flat forelimbs that are used for swimming.

median notch - the indentation between the two flukes.

throat grooves - long grooves on the whale's throat that allow the throat to expand during the huge intake of water during filter feeding. When they eat, these grooves expand, allowing them to take huge gulps of water, forcing it through their short baleen to filter out tiny organisms (only in some baleen whales).

tail stock - the narrow, muscular part of a whale's tail between the body and the flukes .

dolphin anatomy diagram to label

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