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Kansas Facts. Map and Symbols
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Kansas flag

Kansas' official flag was adopted in 1927. The flag has a blue field, the word "KANSAS," the sunflower (Kansas' state flower), and the state seal of Kansas. The seal pictures rich Kansas farmland, a farmer plowing, covered wagons, Native Americans hunting bison, a rising sun, a steamboat (representing commerce) on the water (beneath the sun and the mountains), 34 stars (since Kansas was the 34th state in the USA), and the state motto, "AD ASTRA PER ASPERA," meaning "To the stars through difficulty," in Latin.

Kansas was the 34th state in the USA; it became a state in 1861.

1. What type of flower is pictured on this flag ? _________________________________________________

2. What is Kansas' motto? _______________________________________________________

3. When was Kansas' flag officially adopted? ____________________

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