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Minnesota Facts, Map, and Symbols
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Minnesota flag

Minnesota's official flag was adopted in 1893. The flag has a blue background. The central seal pictures a farmer plowing a field and an Indian riding a horse toward the sun. The scene is surrounded by ladyslippers, Minnesota's state flower. A red banner with yellow letters has the state motto, "L'ETOILE DU NORD," meaning "the star of the north" in French. Three dates are on the flag: 1858 (at the top), the year Minnesota became a state; 1819 (at the left), the year Fort Snelling was established; and 1893 (at the right), the year this flag was adopted. Nineteen yellow stars surround the seal on a white band; these stars symbolize that fact Minnesota was the 19th state to enter the union after the first 13. "MINNESOTA" is written in red on the white band.

Minnesota was the 32th state in the USA; it became a state in 1858.

1. When did Minnesota become a state? _______________________________

2. What type of flower is pictured on this flag? _________________________________________________

3. When was Minnesota's flag officially adopted? _______________________________

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