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New Jersey Facts, Map and Symbols
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New Jersry flag

New Jersey's official state flag was adopted on March 26, 1896.

The flag has a buff (light yellow-brown) background; this is the color of part of the uniform selected by General George Washington in 1779 for his New Jersey Continental Line. Part of the state seal (which was designed by Pierre Eugene de Simitiere in 1777) is in the center. In the center is a blue shield with three plows in it. On the sides of the shield are the goddess of liberty (holding a staff and the cap of freedom) and the goddess of agriculture (holding a cornucopia filled with food). Above this is the head armor of a knight, a horse's head, and blue filigrees. Below are the words "LIBERTY AND PROSPERITY" and the date "1776." The goddesses symbolize liberty and prosperity.

New Jersey was the 3rd state in the USA; it became a state in 1787.

1. When did New Jersey become a state? _______________________________

2. In this flag, what does the cap on the staff (pole) symbolize? ___________________________________________

3. The goddesses on this flag symbolize what motto? _________________________________________________________

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