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Wyoming Facts, Map and Symbols
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Wyoming flag

Wyoming's official flag was adopted in 1917. The flag has a deep blue field surrounded by white and red borders. A white bison dominates the flag; it has the state seal in the center.

The state seal pictures a rancher and a miner on either side of a woman. The woman represents the state's motto "Equal Rights," which is written on a banner she is holding. Wyoming was the first state in which women had the right to vote and hold public office. The words "Livestock", "Mines", "Grains," and "Oil" are on two columns that are on either side of the woman; they represent Wyoming's agricultural and mineral wealth. A shield (with stripes and a star) and an eagle are under the woman; they symbolize support for the United States. The dates 1869 and 1890 are on either side of the shield; they are the dates when Wyoming organized as a territory of the United States and when it became a state.

Wyoming was the 44th state in the USA; it became a state in 1890.

1. What is Wyoming's motto? ___________________________

2. What do the eagle and shield symbolize on Wyoming's flag? __________________________________

3. What does the date 1869 represent on this flag? ____________________

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