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Our subscribers' grade-level estimate for this page: 4th Midwest and Great Plains States Map/Quiz Printout US States: Map/Quizzes
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Midwest and Great Plains States

1. What large river runs north to south through the midwest, from Minnesota and Wisconsin to Missouri and Illinois (and eventually to the Gulf of Mexico)? _______________________________________

2. What large river runs northwest to southeast, through North Dakota, South Dakota, and other states until it flows into the Mississippi River? _______________________________

3. What country borders the midwestern states on the north? _______________________________

4. Which midwestern state is farthest east (and what is its capital)? _______________________________ , _______________________________

5. Which midwestern state is farthest northwest (and what is its capital)? _______________________________ , _______________________________

6. Which midwestern state is farthest south (and what is its capital)? _______________________________ , _______________________________

7. What state is just south of Nebraska (and what is its capital)? _______________________________ , _______________________________

8. Which state is divided into two separate parts (and what is its capital)? _______________________________ , _______________________________

9. What state is just west of Indiana (and what is its capital)? _______________________________ , _______________________________

10. What state is between Minnesota and Missouri (and what is its capital)? _______________________________ , _______________________________

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