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Our subscribers' grade-level estimate for this page: 4th - 5th Western US States Map/Quiz Printout US States: Map/Quizzes
US Regional Map/Quizzes
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Western US States

1. What large body of water borders Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and California? _____________________________________

2. What country is north of Washington, Idaho, and Montana (and east of Alaska)? _______________________________

3. What country is south of California, Arizona, and New Mexico? _______________________________

4. Which state is the farthest northwest in the continental US (and what is the capital of this state)? _______________________________, _______________________________

5. Which state is the farthest southwest in the continental US (and what is the capital of this state)? _______________________________, _______________________________

6. There is one place in the USA where four states touch - it is called the Four Corners, and is in the Western USA. What are the four states that touch? ________________________________, _______________________________, ________________________________, and _______________________________

7. Which state borders Canada but does not border any US states (also, what is that state's capital)? _______________________________, _______________________________

8. Which state is composed of a series of islands in the Pacific Ocean (and what is the capital of this state)? ________________________________, _______________________________

9. Helena is the capital of which state? _______________________________

10. If you wanted to travel from Phoenix, Arizona, to Salt Lake City, Utah, which direction would you head: north, south, east, or west? _____________________________

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