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Wyoming Facts, Map and Symbols
Wyoming Map/Quiz Printout
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1. What is the capital of Wyoming? ____________________________

2. What state borders Wyoming on the north? ___________________________

3. What two states border Wyoming on the east? _________________________ and _________________________

4. What two states border Wyoming on the south? _________________________ and _________________________

5. What three states border Wyoming on the west? _______________________, _______________________ and _______________________

6. What river runs through the city of Casper, Wyoming? ___________________________

7. What is the name of the National Park in the northwest corner of Wyoming? ______________________________________________

8. What is the name of another National Park in northwestern Wyoming? ______________________________________________

9. The tallest point in Wyoming is Gannett Peak How tall is it ? ______________________

10. Wyoming was the first state which let women vote. What is this state's nickname? ______________________

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