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Dinosaur-Counting Game

A picture of the Dinosaur-hatching game screen in BUSY LITTLE BRAINS.

This is one of the 41 activities your child can play in Busy Little Brains.

This is a combination of a counting game, a treasure hunt and a creative design game, all in one. Can you find all 20 eggs? Just click on an egg and it will hatch into a noisy, moving dinosaur or other prehistoric creature. When the egg hatches, it is counted, both aloud and on the screen.

You can also design a prehistoric scene. Just use the mouse to move the animals, plants, and lakes around the screen.

There are three creatures hiding somewere in the scene. See if you can find them by dragging objects.

There are 7 different background scenes you can choose at any time.

This activity is an exercise in counting to 20, as well as a creative enterprise in designing a prehistoric environment. It also presents the names of some prehistoric animals.

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