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Great for your iMac!

The American Library Association recommends
BUSY LITTLE BRAINS for library purchase (see "Booklist," Sept. 1, 1997):
"Young children will enjoy entering Gabby's playhouse, which is filled with blocks, crayons, dolls, and many other familiar toys.... This program is easy to use and will provide many hours of fun for the younger set."

[Gabby's Playhouse] BUSY LITTLE BRAINS
was an Apple Computer Pick-of-the-Month!

Guy Kawasaki, Apple Computer visionary, says: "Busy Little Brains will stimulate a child's mind with the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes."
MacAddict magazine gave
its highest rating!
Kid Konnection Family Resource magazine gave
a "Rave Review"!

BUSY LITTLE BRAINS is an enormous, fun, and easy to play Macintosh CD-ROM that teaches children (ages 2-6 years) how to:

BUSY LITTLE BRAINS encourages children's creative instincts by letting them create wiggling bugs, make outer-space scenes, design beautiful dollhouses, construct animated farms, build with blocks, make faces, build snowmen, dress up a cat, and draw pictures using the computer.

In BUSY LITTLE BRAINS, children can:

Busy Little Brains includes:
  • BUSY LITTLE BRAINS has more learning activities than other CD-ROM's.
  • There are verbal and written instructions for each game and activity, including a summary of each activity's educational benefits.
  • Each activity in Busy Little Brains contains many challenges for older children, but the games are understandable and enjoyable even for younger children.
  • There is enjoyable music throughout, including children's songs, classical music and original compositions.