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Design a Dollhouse

A picture of the Dollhouse design screen in BUSY LITTLE BRAINS.

This is one of the 41 activities your child can play in Busy Little Brains.

Design a beautiful dollhouse by dragging the furniture and dolls wherever you like.

There are 5 different dollhouses and all sorts of furniture, fixtures and dolls, each of which says what it is and makes funny noises. The chandelier and lights blink on and off, the bathtub and sink have running water, the toilet flushes, and the dolls say "Hi". There are tables, chairs, bureaus, sofas, desks, china cabinets, bookshelves, mirrors, curtains, paintings, bathroom fixtures, a family of dolls, plants and flowers.

When an item is clicked on, its name is spoken, teaching the names of these common objects. Also, the act of furnishing the rooms encourages the child to think of how rooms are organized by function. The child decides what objects are necessary for the fantasy room.

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