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Eritrea's Flag
Eritrea's Flag Quiz/Printout
Eritrea's Flag

Eritrea is a country in eastern Africa, located by the Red Sea. Eritrea's flag has a central red triangle with a golden wreath surrounding a golden olive branch, located off-center, towards the hoist side. Above the red triangle is a green triangle; beneath the red triangle is a blue triangle. The olive branch represents peace. The Eritrean flag has a ratio of 1:2 (height to width). Eritrea's flag was adopted on December 5, 1995. May 24 is Eritrea's Independence Day.

1. What color is the central triangle of the flag of Eritrea? ___________________________________________

2. What type of plant is pictured in gold, inside the golden wreath? ______________________

3. When is Eritrea's Independence Day celebrated? __________________________

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