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Word Puzzle: Words Containing "ENT"
Your Name___________________________

Each of the words below contains the letter combination "ENT". Use the clues to find each word.

      e c c e n t r i c   Unconventional or odd.
            e n t         Pennies.
            e n t         The floor below ground.
            e n t         Middle.
            e n t         A large landmass.
            e n t         Portable cloth shelters.
            e n t         Relating to teeth.
            e n t         Go in.
            e n t         Mother and father.
            e n t         Remark.
            e n t         Relating to the mind.
            e n t         Lotions.
            e n t         More than enough.
            e n t         These hang on Christmas trees.
            e n t         Illnesses.
            e n t         A nice odor or smell.
            e n t         Gifts.
            e n t         Concrete.
            e n t         Small brown beans.
            e n t         Leader of the USA.

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