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Word Puzzle: Words Containing "TER"
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Each of the words below contains the letter combination "TER". Use the clues to find each word.

  l a n t e r n           A portable lamp.
        t e r             Middle.
        t e r             The opposite of before.
        t e r             This tastes good on bread.
        t e r             The opposite of external.
        t e r             A, B, C, and others.
        t e r             The opposite of exit.
        t e r             The opposite of western.
        t e r             This carries blood from the heart.
        t e r             A pretty, flying insect.
        t e r             A large crustacean with pincers.
        t e r             At the end of something.
        t e r             Small rodents kept as pets.
        t e r             Flashlights need them.
        t e r             Soldiers.
        t e r             A bowl-shaped pit.
        t e r             Good, ____, best.
        t e r             Animals.
        t e r             Having a sharp, pungent taste.
        t e r             These orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

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