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Myanmar's New Flag
Myanmar's Previous Flag Quiz/Printout

Burmese Flag

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Myanmar's previous flag was adopted on January 3, 1974 and flew until October 21, 2010.. The flag has a red field with a blue canton (a rectangle in the upper left corner). The canton pictures 14 white, five-pointed stars encircling a white cog-wheel (with 14 cogs) and a white stalk of rice. The proportions of the flag are usually 5:9 (height to width).

The 14 stars and 14 cogs in the flag represent the 14 administrative divisions of Burma, the cog-wheel symbolizes industry, and the rice symbolizes agriculture. The red color signifies courage, the white color represents purity, and the blue color signifies peace.

1. What colors are in Myanmar's old flag?____________________________

2. When was this flag adopted? ____________________________

3. How many stars does this flag picture? ____________________________

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