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Label Map of Deserts

Read the definitions below, then label the major deserts on the world map.
Desert Animal Printouts
Desert map to label

Arabian - covering most of the Arabian peninsula.
Atacama - running down the western coast of South America (in Chile).
Australian - hot deserts covering much of western and central Australia.
Iranian - northeast of the Arabian peninsula and west of the Thar desert.
Kalahari - covering much of the southeastern tip of Africa.
Namib - running down the southwestern coast Africa.
North American - rain shadow deserts in southwestern North America, in the USA and Mexico.
Patagonian - in southeastern South America.
Saharan - a huge desert covering much of northern Africa - the biggest desert in the world.
Takla Makan-Gobi - a continental desert in central Asia.
Thar - in northwest India.
Turkestan - in southern Russia .

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