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(pronounced ik-thee-ORN-is) Ichthyornis (meaning "fish bird") was a tern-like, extinct bird that lived alongside dinosaurs like T. rex and Triceratops. It lived in flocks, nested on shorelines, and hunted for fish in Cretaceous seas. Ichthyornis lived 135-70 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period.

Anatomy: Ichthyornis was about 8 inches (20 cm) long. It had a large head, toothed jaws, and a long beak. This powerful flyer is the oldest-known bird that had a keeled breastbone (sternum) similar to that of modern birds.

Discovery of fossils: Ichthyornis was originally found in 1872 in Kansas, USA, by a member of paleontologist Othniel C. Marsh's Yale University expedition. Ichthyornis was named by Marsh in 1872. Fossils have been found in Kansas and Texas, USA, and in Alberta, Canada.

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