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Classroom Activities for Beginning Readers Using Little Explorers
Bayou Animals
A Scavenger Hunt Using the Little Explorers Online Picture Dictionary

K-1 Bayou Animals Quiz Activity Instructions:
Depending on the level of the students, you can have them tell you the answers out loud (after raising their hand), or have them write the answers down, copying the words from the dictionary. If you like, you can keep score of which person (or group) finds the most answers.
This is a dictionary "scavenger hunt," a simple activity for children who are starting to be familiar with the alphabet and the sounds the letters make.

The students will do their work at a computer (or in small groups of 2 to 3 students at a computer). The teacher asks the students (some of) the questions listed below.

To answer the questions, the students must go to the right page in the dictionary by clicking on the correct letter at the top of the Little Explorers page. They will then look at the pictures on the page to answer the question.

Bayou Animals questions:

A bayou is a type of wetland, a huge marsh near the lower Mississippi River. Many animals live in the water, on the water, over the water, or near the water.

1. This big, meat-eating animal lives in the water. It has four short legs, a long tail, and long jaws with many sharp teeth. Its name starts with an "A." Answer: Alligator

2. This small animal lives in the water. It has a hard exoskeleton (a thin shell) covering its entire body, 8 walking legs, two pincers and four antennae. Its name starts with a "C," and many people like to eat it. Answer: Crayfish

3. This tiny animal flies above the water and bites animals so that it can drink their blood. It lays its eggs in the water. This animal's name starts with "M." What is it? Answer: Mosquito

4. This animal lives on dry land and eats grass. It is a fast runner and has 4 long legs. It has brown fur, and its name starts with a "D." Answer: Deer

5. This meat-eating animal lives in the water. It eats fish and other animals that it catches in its stong but toothless jaws. It has four short legs, a long tail, and a shell on its back. It starts with an "S." Answer: Snapping turtle

6. This bird wades in shallow water and eats fish that it spears with its long bill. It starts with "H." What is it called? Answer: Heron

7. This furry animal has markings on its face that look like a black mask. It also has a ringed tail. Its name starts with "R." What is it? Answer: Raccoon

8. This animals is an amphibian. It lays its eggs in water, and the eggs hatch into tadpoles that swim and breathe underwater. The adult lives on land and breathes air. What is this animal called? Its name starts with an "F." Answer: Frog

9. This little mammal has a long, hairless tail that can grab things. It also has a pouch that babies live in for months. It starts with "O." What is this animal called? Answer: Opossum

10. This insect can make noise rubbing its long hind legs together. This little animal can hop. walk, and fly. It starts with a "G." Answer: Grasshopper

11. This animal has ten legs and walks sideways. It has an exoskeleton (a thin, outer shell) and eyes on stalks on its head. What is this animal called? It starts with an "C." Answer: Crab

12. This wildcat has a very short tail. It is a meat-eater that hunts mostly at night. What is its name? It starts with "B." Answer: Bobcat

Level: Grades K-1 Subject: water, the alphabet, the sounds of the letters, introduction to the Internet

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