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The Human Body "Look It Up" Quiz Name_______________________________________

Look up the following words in the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the questions.

Look up this Word Question Answer
1. ankle Is the ankle a bone, a joint, or an organ? _____________________________
2. bones How many bones are in the human body? _____________________________
3. brain What protects the brain? _____________________________
4. ear Our ears provide us with a sense of ___. _____________________________
5. eye Our eyes provide us with a sense of ___. _____________________________
6. eyebrow What are eyebrows made of? _____________________________
7. femur Where is the femur located? _____________________________
8. heart What does the heart do? _____________________________
9. heel Is the heel in the front, back, or middle of the foot? _____________________________
10. intestines The intestines help digest what? _____________________________
11. iris What does the iris surround? _____________________________
12. lungs What do we use our lungs to do? _____________________________
13. nose Our nose provides us with a sense of ___. _____________________________
14. skeleton Our skeleton is a group of these. _____________________________
15. skull Is the skull made of bones, jaw tissue, or nerves? _____________________________
16. stomach In the stomach, food is mixed with what substance? _____________________________
17. thumb Name two animals (other than people) that have thumbs. _____________________________
18. tongue Our tongue provides us with a sense of ___. _____________________________
19. tooth What holds the teeth in the gums? _____________________________
20. waist The waist is between the chest and what part of the body? _____________________________

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