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Japan Find It! Quiz Name_______________________________________
Use the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the following questions.

1. Look up the entry on Japan under "J." What is the capital city of Japan? ____________________________

2. This word starts with an "I." It is the name of a piece of land that is completely surrounded by water. Japan is composed of many of these. What is this word? _________________________

3. This word starts with an "A." It is the continent to which Japan belongs. What is it called? ____________________________________

4. This word starts with an "S." These ancient Japanese warriors were well-known for their fierceness. What are they called? _________________________

5. This word starts with an "O." It is the art of folding paper into beautiful shapes. What is it called? ______________________________________

6. This word starts with an "H." It is a type of poetry whose lines follow the pattern: five syllables, seven syllables, and then five syllables. What is it called? __________________________________

7. This word starts with a "C." This long-legged, long-necked, long-billed wading bird is often used as a symbol of Japan. What is this bird? _________________________

8. This word starts with a "K." It is a fish (a type of carp) that is often bred in Japan and kept in ponds. What is it called? _____________________________________

9. This word starts with a "K." It is a beautiful gown worn by some Japanese women. What is it called? _________________________________________

10. This word starts with a "J." It is a martial art that began in Japan. What is it called? _________________________________________

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Subject: Japan, reading, writing, introduction to research on the Internet

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