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Apple Find It! Quiz Name________________________________
Use the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the following questions.
The Word Starts With this Letter Hint Answer
F Apples are a type of _____________, the part of a plant that contains the seeds. _____________________________
T Apples grow on these. _____________________________
S Apples begin their life as these tiny things that sprout in the ground. _____________________________
R Apple trees get minerals and water from the ground using these. _____________________________
L Apple trees use these green things to collect energy. _____________________________
S Apple trees get energy from this object. _____________________________
T This is the main support of an apple tree. _____________________________
F Apples develop from these, which are the reproductive organs of plants. _____________________________
F During this season, apple trees lose their leaves. _____________________________
A This man went around the USA planting apple trees. His real name was John Chapman. _____________________________

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