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Ice Age Find It! Quiz Name_______________________________________
Use the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the following questions.

1. When did the last Ice Age occur? ____________________________

2. This word starts with a "G." It is a river of ice that flows slowly on land. There were many of these during the Ice Ages. What is its name? ____________________

3. This phrase starts with a "G." It is a series of 5 huge lakes that were formed during the last Ice Age. They are located between Canada and the USA. What are they called? ___________________

4. This mammal starts with a "G." It was a car-sized armadillo that lived during the last Ice Age . What is its name? __________________

5. This big mammal's name starts with a "G." It was a plant-eater that had hook-like claws on its feet. What is it called? _____________________

6. This group of mammals starts with an "S." They were meat-eating cats that had long fang-like teeth at the front of the mouth. What is a member of this group called? ___________________________

7. This scary mammal starts with an "S." It was the biggest of the animals from the last question. What is its name? _____________________

8. This mammal's name starts with an "M." This huge elephant-like animal had long fur, very long tusks, and finger-like projections on the long trunk. What is it called? _______________

9. This mammal's name starts with an "M." This big animal had long fur, a long trunk, and long tusks. It was a bit smaller than the animal in the previous question. What is it called? _______________

10. This large mammal starts with a "W." This plant-eater had long fur and two "horns" on its head. What is its name? _______________

Subject: Ice Age, reading, writing, introduction to research on the Internet

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