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Music Find It! Quiz Name________________________________
Use the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the following questions.
The Word Starts With this Letter Hint Answer
B This person was one of the greatest composers of all time - there are four letters in his last name. _____________________________
C When a performance is over we use our hands to do this C word. _____________________________
C These are musical instruments. You bang or hit these percussion instruments together to make a sound. _____________________________
D Sometimes when you hear music it makes you want to do this! _____________________________
D This object contains a lot of encoded information, like computer games or music. _____________________________
D When two people perform music together, it is called this D word. _____________________________
F A woodwind instrument. _____________________________
G A stringed instrument. _____________________________
H This is a small, bar-shaped musical instrument; you play it by blowing through the holes.
H This is a brass instrument. Your lips vibrate when you toot it. _____________________________
M A word for a person who makes music. _____________________________
N A symbol that represents a musical tone. _____________________________
O This is a woodwind instrument that has a double reed. _____________________________
P A large instrument that has 88 keys. _____________________________
T This T is a fun musical instrument that you bang and shake. _____________________________
T Your lips vibrate when you play this instrument- it has seven letters in its name. _____________________________
U A small instrument that looks like a guitar. _____________________________
V A stringed instrument that makes beautiful music. _____________________________
X A musical instrument that has rows of bars and is played with a mallet. _____________________________
Z There is an instrument that starts with Z! Find it! _____________________________

This quiz was written by Laura Edeen from San Francisco. Back to classroom activities for

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