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Label Light Bulb Diagram

Using the terms listed below, label the incandescent light bulb diagram.
Invention of the Incandescent Light Bulb

incandescent light bulb to label Coiled tungsten filament - the metal wires that glow brightly when electricity flows through them.

Connecting wires - The wires that carry electricity from the bulb's electrical contact to the filament.

Electrical contacts - the metallic base of the bulb which connects to the electrical contacts of the lamp when the bulb is in the lamp.

Glass envelope - the thin layer of glass that surrounds the light bulb mechanism and the inert gases.

Glass fuse enclosure - glass that insulates the bulb's fuses - located in the stem of the bulb.

Mixture of inert gases at low pressures - the bulb is filled with inert (non-reactive) gases.

Screw cap - the threaded base of the bulb that secures it to a lamp.

Support wires - wires that physically hold up the filament.

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