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Iberian Peninsula: Spain and Portugal: Map Quiz Worksheet
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Iberian Peninsula: Spain and Portugal

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1. What is the capital of Spain? __________________________

2. What is the capital of Portugal? __________________________

3. What ocean borders Spain and Portugal to the west? __________________________

4. What sea borders Spain to the east? __________________________

5. What is the name of the narrow channel of water of water that separates Spain (in Europe) from Morocco (in Africa)? __________________________________

6. What is the name of the chain of mountains in the northeast of Spain? __________________________

7. What is the name of the country that borders Spain across this chain of mountains? __________________________

8. What is the name of the tiny country located on the northeastern border of Spain? __________________________

9. If you wanted to travel from Lisbon to Madrid, in which direction would you head? (a) northeast, (b) northwest, (c) southeast, (d) southwest

10. Roughly how many kilometers is it from Barcelona to Madrid: 5 km, 50 km, 500 km, 5,000 km, or 50,000 km? ___________________________

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