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Ireland Map Coloring Printout

Follow the directions:
1. Color the Republic of Ireland light green.

2. Color Northern Ireland orange.

3. Color the Atlantic Ocean (including all the other smaller seas and channels that surround Ireland) blue.

4. Color the lakes (and the part of the key that represents water) blue.

5. Draw a blue line along the path of the Shannon River.

6. Color the stars that represent Dublin (the capital of the Republic of Ireland) and Belfast (the capital of Northern Ireland) red. Also color the star in the Key red.

7. Color Carrauntoohil (the highest point in Ireland) purple.

8. On the small inset map at the top left corner of the map, color Europe (except Ireland) brown.

9. On the small inset map at the top left corner of the map, color Ireland green.

10. Fill in the rest of the compass directions in the rosette (the rosette is located in the lower left hand corner of the map).

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