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Italy Map Coloring Printout

Follow the directions:
1. A major industrial area in Italy extends along the Po River valley, roughly from Genoa to Turin to Milan to Venice to Bologna. Color this area on the map brown.

2. The Alps are a mountain range that borders Italy on the north. Color this area purple.

3. The Apennines are a mountain range that runs through the peninsula of Italy. Color this area gray.

4. Italy is shaped like a boot. Color the toe of Italy green; olives are grown in this region.

5. Color Sardinia black.

6. Color Sicily orange.

7. Color the Mediterranean Sea (including all the other smaller seas that surround Italy) blue.

8. Color Europe (except Italy) yellow.

9. Color Africa red.

10. Fill in the rest of the directions in the compass rosette (it is located in the upper right hand corner).

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