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"My Plate" Page
"My Plate" Quiz Printout
Food Theme Page

Food Plate

This is a thumbnail of the USDA Food "My Plate". The full-size printout is available only to site members.

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1. The US Deptartment of Agriculture food plate suggests the proportion of various food groups in our diet. The left side of the big plate indicates that about half your diet should consist of _______________________ and _______________________.

2. In which food group do apples belong? ____________________________________

3. In which food group does peanut butter belong? ____________________________

4. In which food group does milk belong? ________________________________

5. In which food group does eggplant belong? _______________________________

6. In which food group does rice belong? _________________________________

7. Name two vegetables: ________________________ and ________________________

8. Name two fruits: ___________________________ and __________________________

9. Name two proteins: __________________________ and _________________________

10. Name two grains: __________________________ and __________________________

11. Name two dairy foods: ________________________ and ________________________

12. Some foods are not very nutritious and are not mentioned in "My Plate". Name two of these foods: __________________________ and __________________________

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