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Label the Fish in Spanish
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Read the definitions, then label the fish diagram below in Spanish. (Note: not all fish have all of the fins defined below.)

la aleta anal - anal fin: the fin on the lower side of the body near the tail

la aleta caudal - caudal fin: tail fin

la aleta dorsal - dorsal fin: the fin on the upper side of the body

la aleta pectoral - pectoral fin - each of the paired fins on either side of the body, near the head

la aleta pelvic - pelvic fin - each of the paired fins on the lower side of the body, near the head

la boca - mouth

la cubierta branquial - gill cover

la linea lateral - lateral line - a series of sensory pores (small openings) that are located along the sides of fish - they sense vibrations in the water

la mejilla - cheek

la ojo - eye


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