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More on Shapes
Label Simple Shapes
Regular Polyhedra
Read the definitions, then label the shapes below.
circle - a perfectly round shape. The Sun looks like a circle.
diamond - a geometric shape with four sides and very pointy corners. People play baseball in a diamond-shaped field.
hexagon - a geometric shape with six sides. Honeycombs are made of hexagons.
octagon - a geometric shape with eight sides. Stop signs are shaped like octagons.
oval - a round, flattened shape. Some eggs are ovals.
pentagon - a geometric shape with five sides.
rectangle - a geometric shape with four sides that are at right angles to each other. Paper usually comes in rectangles.
square - a geometric shape with four sides that are at right angles to each other and are of equal length.
triangle - a geometric shape with three sides. Many sharks' teeth are shaped like triangles.

shapes to label

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