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Table of the Biggest US States
Use the table to answer the questions.

State Year It Became a State Area
(square km)
(in millions)
California 1850 423,970 34
Florida 1845 170,304 16
Illinois 1818 57,920 12
Michigan 1837 96,810 10
New Jersey 1787 22,588 8
New York 1788 141,299 19
Ohio 1803 116,096 11
Texas 1845 695,621 21

Questions About this Table:

1. How many states are in this table? ___________________

2. In this table, which became a state earliest? ___________________

3. In this table, which became a state last? ___________________

4. In this table, which state has the smallest population? _____________________________

5. Which state has the largest population? _____________________________

6. What is the population of Florida? _______________________

7. What is the combined population of New Jersey and New York? ___________________

8. What is the area of Ohio? (include units) ___________________

9. In this table, which state has the smallest area? ___________________

10. In this table, which state has the biggest area? ___________________

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