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Label the Recorder

Label the parts of a recorder.
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Word Bank:
beak (or mouthpiece) - the part of the recorder you put between your lips (the top part of the head joint).
double holes - Tone holes that have two separate holes.
foot joint - the bottom part of the recorder; it has the bottom finger hole (a double hole) and is turned slightly to the side.
head joint - the top part of the recorder, the part you blow into.
lip (or labium) - the sharp edge abutting the window; air from the windway hits the labium and produces sound. Never touch this part of the recorder - it can warp.
middle section (or barrel) - the middle part of the recorder; it has most of the finger holes.
ramp - the gradual incline that leads to the window (in the head joint).
tone hole (or finger hole) - Holes that are covered and uncovered by the fingers to change the note played.
window - the rectangular hole in the mouthpiece.

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