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The Jumping Bean Moth (Cydia saltitans) is a gray-brown moth whose caterpillar lives inside a seed pod. When the caterpillar moves around inside the pod, the seed pod moves. The seed pod is sold as a "jumping bean," because the pod jumps around, especially when it is exposed to heat.

Habitat: The Jumping Bean Moth is native to deserts and other areas of Mexico.

Lifecycle: The Jumping Bean Moth lays its eggs on the flowers of the poisonous shrub Sebastiana pavoniana and a few other plants. When the egg hatches, it bores into the soft, young seed capsule and starts to eat. The caterpillar eats the seed within the pod and is protected by the hard pod. After growing a tremendous amount, the caterpillar pupates (goes into a stage in which it is turning into a moth). Eventually, the caterpillar leaves the seed pod, after metamorphosing (changing) into a moth.

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