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Enchanted Learning® Photoblog      Posted December 23, 2020   11:20 pm

Jupiter and Saturn - Conjunction of December 2020
Jupiter and Saturn - Conjunction of December 2020

Jupiter and Saturn in their closest conjunction in hundreds of years. A conjunction is when two celestial bodies appear close to each other in the sky. The closest point of this conjunction was actually the previous day, but overcast skies during a storm here prevented us from seeing it then.

Jupiter is the large disk on the left, and Saturn is the smaller disk on the right, with its rings.

Three of the Galilean moons of Jupiter are visible: (1) Io at the upper left, then (2) Europa, and finally, (3) Callisto, below and to the right of Jupiter.

23 December 2020 1:17 am UTC

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Date taken: December 22, 2020
Place taken: Mercer Island, WA, USA
Mitchell Spector
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