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Flag of Peru
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Flag of Peru

Flag of Peru

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The flag of Peru is composed of three equal, vertical bands of red, white, and red. The coat of arms (designed by José Gregorio Paredes) is in the central band; the coat of arms pictures a shield containing a vicuña (a llama-like animal), a cinchona tree (the national tree of Peru and the source of quinine, an anti-malarial drug), a yellow cornucopia full of gold coins, and a green laurel wreath and branches (with red berries and ribbons). The ratio of its height to its width is 2:3.

This flag was officially adopted on February 25, 1825, soon after Peru obtained independence from Spain. .

1. What colors are the stripes in the flag of Peru?________________________________________

2. When was this flag officially adopted? ____________________________

3. What animal is pictured on this flag? ________________________________

4. What tree is pictured on this flag? ________________________________

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