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Hercules Connect the Dots

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Hercules is a Northern Hemisphere constellation that is the fifth largest in the sky. It is named for Hercules, the legendary hero of Greek mythology. Connect the dots and find Hercules. The star Ras Algethi is Hercules head - Ras Algethi means "kneeler's head" in Arabic.

The brightest of its rather dim stars is Ras Algethi (alpha Her), a variable red supergiant. The four stars of the central trapezoid within Hercules, epsilon Her, zeta Her, eta Her and pi Her, form the asterism called Keystone. The globular star cluster M13 is located on the western part of the Keystone. The Tau Herculid meteor shower seems to radiate from Hercules.

Throughout history, people have given names to groups of stars in the sky. A constellation is a group of stars that we see in the sky. These stars are not necessarily located together in space, but they look as though they are a group when seen from Earth. See if you can find these stars in the night sky of the Northern Hemisphere.

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