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Zoom Butterflies - Print-out #3 for Grade 4-6
Find it! in Zoom Butterflies

Use Zoom Butterflies to answer the following questions.

1. Does a pupa eat at all?________________

2. To which body segment are the butterfly's legs attached? ____________

3. Are butterfly legs clubbed, jointed, or pegged? _____________________

4. Name the legs of caterpillars that disappear when it is an adult: _________________

5. Does the butterfly's abdomen contain the brain, malpighian tubules, or wing muscles ?___________________

6. Name the four stages in a butterfly's life cycle______________ ,

___________________ , __________________ , and _______________ .

7. Which stage has jaws?_______________________

8. Which stage has only simple eyes? ____________

9. Which stage has a micropyle?_________________

10. About how many Lepidoptera are there?__________________

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Level: Grade 4-6 Subject: reading, writing, introduction to research on the internet

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