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Find It! in Zoom Dinosaurs Name_____________________________

Answer the following questions about dinosaurs after reading the web page about "Tyrannosaurus rex" in Zoom Dinosaurs.

For another way to get to the T. rex page, go to Then scroll down to the section "Dinosaur Information Sheets" and click on Tyrannosaurus rex.

1. Did T. rex eat meat or plants?_______________________

2. How tall was T. rex?_______________________

3. Were T. rex's arms long or short?_______________________

4. How many fingers did T. rex have on each hand? _________________

5. Was T. rex the biggest meat-eating dinosaur?__________________

6. How long were T. rex's teeth? _____________________

7. Was T. rex smart compared to most other dinosaurs? _______________

8. Name a dinosaur that was bigger than T. rex. _______________________

9. What does Tyrannosaurus rex mean? _______________________

10. When did T. rex go extinct?_______________________

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Level: Grade 2-3 Subject: reading, writing, introduction to research on the Internet, dinosaurs

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