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EoraptorThese print-outs introduce young students to research on the Internet using sections of Zoom Dinosaurs. Students use the web site to answer a set of dinosaur questions on the print-out.

Activity Instructions:
1. Give each student a copy of a print-out. Instructions for printing are given below.
2. Have the student go to the appropriate web page in Zoom Dinosaurs. The instructions are on the print out. (For example, for the T. rex print-out, have the student go to the page about T. rex.)
3. The student will use the web page to answer the questions in the print-out.

Grade 2-3
Grade 4-5

How to print an activity:
  1. Go to the page you want to print.
  2. Click on the part of the screen you want to print (so you'll only print the print-out and not the Zoom Dinosaurs contents, etc.).
  3. Choose "Print" or "Print Frame" from the File menu above.

To go the answer keys, click here.

Level: Grades 2-5 Subjects: reading, writing, introduction to research on the internet, dinosaur
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