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Find It! in Zoom Dinosaurs Name_____________________________

BrachiosaurusAnswer the following questions about dinosaur anatomy and behavior after or while reading the web pages on "Dinosaur Anatomy" in Zoom Dinosaurs.

To get to this page, go to and then click on "Anatomy & Behavior" in the "Table of Contents."

1. Did dinosaurs' legs sprawl out to the side (like lizards) or extend straight down under the body?_______________________

2. Were the earliest dinosaurs bipedal or quadrupedal? _________________

3. Were dinosaurs' teeth replaced when they were broken or worn away? ______________________

4. Did any dinosaurs have feathers?_______________________

5. Which family of dinosaurs were the smartest?__________________

6. Did some dinosaurs, like Stegosaurus, have a second brain near the base of the tail? ______________________

7. What did most dinosaurs eat? _______________________

8. What is the largest animal that ever lived? _______________________

9. Did dinosaurs walk on their toes (digitigrade) or on the whole foot (plantigrade or flat-footed)? ______________________

10. What is the estimated life span of the huge sauropod dinosaurs? ________________

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Level: Grade 2-3 Subject: reading, writing, introduction to research on the Internet, dinosaurs

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