Can you unscramble words to answer the dinosaur-related questions? Click on a word to go to a resource about that topic. These activities are designed for dinosaur experts in grades 2-3 and 3-6. A suggested classroom activity involves having the students read the information page about a dinosaur, and then doing the word-unscrambling activity about that dinosaur.

The answers to all the questions are found within ZoomDinosaurs - For dinosaur information sheets, click on "Dino Info Sheets" in the margin to your bottom or left.

For grades 2-3 For grades 3-6
#1. Tyrannosaurus rex #11. Dinosaur Facts
#2. Ankylosaurus #12. The Mesozoic Era
#3. Triceratops #13. Dinosaur Extremes
#4. Stegosaurus #14. More Dinosaur Facts
#5. Maiasaura #15. Dinosaur Names
#6. Apatosaurus
#7. Compsognathus
#8. Eoraptor
#9. Brachiosaurus
#10. Velociraptor

For the answers, click here.

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